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TIAA GIS Software Engineering - Clarity in Pune, India


TIAA GBS India was established in 2016 with a mission to tap into a vast pool of talent, reduce risk by insourcing key platforms and processes, as well as contribute to innovation with a focus on enhancing our technology stack.TIAA GBS India is focused on building a scalable and sustainable organization , with a focus on technology , operations and expanding into the shared services business space.

Working closely with our U.S. colleagues and other partners, our goal is to reduce risk, improve the efficiency of our technology and processes and develop innovative ideas to increase throughput and productivity.

IT Infrastructure Analyst II

Configures, maintains and troubleshoots ordinary and basic office support systems.

Key Responsibilities and DutiesEssential Functions

  • Installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining office productivity enhancing tools.

  • Working with end-users to determine the types of hardware and software required for office systems; coordinating supplies and set-up.

  • Participating in the evaluation, testing and integration of new office products or functions.

  • Providing support for end-users of office systems and products.

QualificationsRequiredMinimum Experience

  • 0-2 years

FINRA Registrations

  • No Securities Registration Required

Physical Requirements

  • Physical Requirements: Sedentary Work

Skills and Competencies

  • Service Excellence: Documents customer complaints in a timely manner. Resolves common customer problems. Provides direct service to internal or external customers. Provides a quality of service that customers describe as excellent. Responds to unexpected customer requests with a sense of urgency and positive action.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE AND TESTING: Assesses and communicates the cost of quality management processes against the cost of poor quality processes. Directs and monitors processes and procedures for hardware production quality assurance and testing. Evaluates the pros and cons of alternative quality assurance and testing methodologies. Consults on quality metrics and benchmarks; assesses QA contribution. Interprets results of quantitative and statistical tools and presents to others. Coordinates the execution of test plans, including resources, strategies, schedules, processes and tools.

  • Software Field Support: Describes tools and techniques for determining product service requirements. Works with field support for multiple products, customer groups and installations. Participates in architecting and implementing remote support capabilities. Explains issues and considerations for field services requirements for different products. Defines and reviews support agreements; monitors adherence and customer satisfaction. Monitors, analyzes and reports on product weaknesses and deficiencies.

  • Active Learning: Identifies and explains own strengths and development needs. Learns new concepts, processes and tools related to own immediate responsibilities. Maintains network of contacts within own unit. Makes use of journals, associations, and conferences in own professional specialty. Explains lessons learned from mistakes and failures as well as successes.

  • Oral Communications: Explains issues in alternative ways to accommodate different listeners. Utilizes techniques to verify that a verbal message was received as intended. Listens without defensiveness or excessive self-reference. Modulates own tone and body language. Uses language appropriate to audience.

  • Teamwork: Learns and utilizes special talents and work styles of team members. Shows and promotes respect for differences and diversity. Works with large or multiple teams that span functions, issues, locations, and time zones. Identifies and addresses potential problems or issues within the team. Establishes and maintains effective working relationship with each team member. Coordinates roles, responsibilities and interdependencies of all team members.

  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail: Productively balances speed and accuracy. Employs techniques for motivating personnel to meet or exceed accuracy goals. Demonstrates expertise in quality assurance tools, techniques, and standards. Evaluates and makes contributions to best practices. Processes large quantities of detailed information with high levels of accuracy. Implements a variety of cross-checking approaches and mechanisms.

  • System and Technology Integration: Assists with current and planned integration initiatives. Works with applications, data, technology bridges and a variety of platforms. Plays an active role in local integration efforts. Explores major issues and considerations for successful system integration. Works with existing interfaces as well as integration and migration plans within own area.

  • Requirements Analysis: Follows policies, practices and standards for determining functional and informational requirements. Communicates with customers and users to elicit and gather client requirements. Participates in the preparation of detailed documentation and requirements. Utilizes specific organizational methods, tools and techniques for requirements analysis. Confirms deliverables associated with requirements analysis.

  • Implementation: Evaluates best practices of application implementation within the industry; learns the principles and practices of application software. Designs a department's implementation strategy while considering issues such as budget, time, technology and human resources. Advises end users on advanced functions and operational techniques of application software. Evaluates new application software in order to determine applicability within organizational environments. Monitors employees to solve software application problems in a timely and efficient manner. Supervises a team to implement application software within the department.

  • System Testing Tools: Consults with others on effective testing tool approaches and techniques. Develops comparative analyses of various testing tools for specific products. Manages testing tools on testing processes while evaluating against stated objectives. Supervises the use of multiple testing tool products and approaches. Designs standards, guidelines and practices for using system testing tools. Controls the selection of a specific set of testing tools.

  • Systems Software Infrastructure: Administers software migration and contingency plans related to own function. Demonstrates planned software changes on the local environment. Analyzes the local software architecture components and products. Tests key features for the entire software infrastructure environment. Reports software connectivity and integration issues.

  • Software Installation and Support: Participates in planning, testing and implementing changes to the local software environment. Explains the impact of planned changes, contingencies, and back-up and recovery steps. Explains the uses of diagnostic tools and techniques; resolves common software problems. Interacts with appropriate personnel to coordinate support efforts. Participates in installing or upgrading specific software systems.

  • Hardware Infrastructure: Assists in designing the main features of IT hardware according to business needs. Participates in the implementation of IT hardware within the organization. Tracks operational problems related to IT hardware and reports them directly to the supervisor. Compares IT hardware across one's own organization and its competitors. Assists in integrating IT hardware with the organization's existing systems.

  • Network and Internet Security: Works with network security monitoring tools for use with network devices or systems. Details security requirements and setup procedures for mobile/BYOD devices. Describes process for diagnosing and handling common network attacks. Installs and supports anti-virus software and network sniffers. Explains the use of remote access through gateway content filtering.

  • Office Administration: Orders, stocks and distributes office supplies. Arranges meetings, schedules rooms, equipment, refreshments, etc. Distributes internal and external correspondence to appropriate recipients. Coordinates travel arrangements and expense reimbursements. Operates and maintains standard office equipment such as copiers, faxes, phones.

  • Enterprise IT Architecture: Interprets and applies enterprise architectural standards, principles and guidelines in work area. Assists performance assessment of architecture components in a specific responsibility area. Demonstrates effective use of appropriate tools/processes in developing or improving architectural components. Develops models/plans to drive strategy and promote business performance improvement opportunities. Helps create enterprise business, information, application and underlying technology architectures.

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