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TIAA Associate in Mumbai, India


TIAA GBS India was established in 2016 with a mission to tap into a vast pool of talent, reduce risk by insourcing key platforms and processes, as well as contribute to innovation with a focus on enhancing our technology stack.TIAA GBS India is focused on building a scalable and sustainable organization , with a focus on technology , operations and expanding into the shared services business space.

Working closely with our U.S. colleagues and other partners, our goal is to reduce risk, improve the efficiency of our technology and processes and develop innovative ideas to increase throughput and productivity.

Financial Planning Analyst II

Supports the financial planning, budgeting and expense management activities for specific business units.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

Essential Functions

  • Helping prepare operating budgets with various departments to support their expense management goals.

  • Preparing and distributing expense reports tracked against budget expectations.

  • Providing detailed, back-up information to other business units to help them fully understand the content of standard budget reports.

  • Analyzing trends affecting budget needs.

QualificationsRequiredMinimum Experience

  • 0-2 years

FINRA Registrations

  • No Securities Registration Required

Physical Requirements

  • Physical Requirements: Sedentary Work

Skills and Competencies

  • Business Math: Works with fractions and decimal point notation and computations. Describes the formulas for basic statistical functions such as average, median. Assures accuracy using basic validation and cross-checking techniques. Works with metric and non-metric scales and uses conversion tools and techniques. Uses basic computational tools such as calculators, spreadsheets, or custom applications.

  • Business Analytics: Maintains and organizes all business portfolio related data. Documents performance criteria used for evaluating business trends and activities. Researches business related data and generates and interprets basic analytics. Assists in preparing charts, graphs, tables, and other tools to reflect business performance. Recognizes and assesses problems, opportunities and methods for improving existing business performance.

  • Earned Value Management: Determines the year-to-date budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS) or planned value. Creates EVM time vs. budget graphs to show project progress and variances to plan. Calculates the actual cost of work produced (ACWP) or effort spent. Discusses project risk factors from an EVM perspective; interprets an EVM risk matrix. Demonstrates basic experience with tracking EVM in projects.

  • Confidentiality: Identifies information within own function that cannot be disclosed. Utilizes authorized disclosure levels and authorized personnel in own area. Under guidance, deals with situations or information requiring confidentiality. Makes sure to know organization-wide policy, procedures, and internal experts on confidentiality. Identifies locally relevant tools or instruments for managing confidential information.

  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail: Processes limited amounts of detailed information with good accuracy. Accurately gauges the impact and cost of errors, omissions, and oversights. Learns from mistakes and applies lessons learned. Utilizes specific approaches and tools for checking and cross-checking outputs. Develops and uses checklists to insure that information goes out error-free.

  • Financial Analysis: Applies principles used to evaluate the economics of investment decisions. Works with a specific financial analysis tool set. Interprets major types of financial statements issued by the organization. Implements valid financial analysis aligned with key criteria. Utilizes basic qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques with proficiency.

  • Financial Forecasting and Modeling: Uses basic features and facilities of a specific modeling tool. Explains the fundamentals of financial forecasting and modeling. Gathers information necessary to run a forecasting model. Produces and reports the results of a forecast model to management. Resolves common forecasting problems in the application of modeling.

  • Managing Expenses and Finances: Examines the role of various expense management guidelines within the organization. Works with at least one of the organization's expense management processes. Utilizes one or more cash management tools and methods. Explains basic financial management reports. Analyzes the varying approaches to expense and budget management.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Calculates common measurements such as NPV and ROI. Participates in the development of a cost-benefit analysis. Follows organizational guidelines and procedures for conducting a cost-benefit analysis. Documents and measures direct and indirect costs and projected benefits. Resolves common errors or omissions in developing the analysis.

  • Budget Management: Participates in developing and monitoring a budget for a specific work group or department. Detects and interprets budget variances and overruns. Assists in the collection and preparation of required budget information. Implements the organization's budget cycle and process. Explains the functions and features of budgeting tools.

  • Cost Accounting: Works as a team member on cost accounting projects. Creates job costing reports for new and ongoing jobs. Assists in inventory costing and capacity analysis initiatives. Performs a cost-volume-profit analysis. Implements variance analysis on departmental budgets.

  • Financial and Accounting Systems: Coordinates major system interfaces and criticalities. Selects key business and technical contacts in the event of a production problem. Implements data flows between financial and accounting systems. Utilizes operating requirements for the financial environment. Works with a specific financial or accounting system and sub-systems.

  • Knowledge of a Specific Financial or Accounting System: Uses all basic features and facilities of the accounting system. Implements planned changes and migration duties. Generates and interprets all major reports from the system. Categorizes the major input, output and flow of information within the system. Troubleshoots all routine application or data problems.

Company OverviewSince 1918, it has been TIAA’s mission to serve, our ability to perform and the values we embrace that make us a different kind of financial services organization. We’re dedicated to serving the financial needs of those in the academic, medical, cultural, governmental and research fields, and committed to helping make lifetime financial well-being possible for them. By building a culture that allows all employees to contribute their unique talents and skills, we’re able to provide our customers with fresh ideas and distinct perspectives to help them achieve their goals. We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is one of our greatest strengths and a key measure of our success*. For more information about TIAA, visit our website.

Equal Employment Opportunity

EEO statement text

Business Unit Finance

The Financial Analyst II is responsible for preparing analysis of the organization's financial results. Through financial modeling, this job provides insights into the company's financial status, including cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, debt, equity, operating income, working capital, etc. Under moderate supervision, this job's analysis and modeling is used by senior management to inform business and financial decisions.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepares financial models that analyze monthly financial results in order to identify drivers and explain key variances.

  • Completes forecasts and modeling and ensures that results are timely and accurate.

  • Completes re-forecasting activities and updating/evolving forecast models.

  • Participates in general ledger journal entry posting activities during the closing process to help ensure that financial statements are accurate.

  • Prepares ad hoc departmental reports that analyze departmental financial results versus budget/forecasts.

  • Drafts financial reports and presentations for management that inform business and financial decisions.

  • Seeks guidance from senior management regarding challenges that require more advanced knowledge.


  • 2 Years Required; 3 Years Preferred

  • University (Degree), Preferred

Physical Requirements

  • Physical Requirements: Sedentary Work

Career Level


We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We consider all qualified applicants for employment regardless of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected status.

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TIAA started out over 100 years ago to help ensure teachers could retire with dignity. Today, many people who work at not-for-profits rely on our wide range of financial products and services to support and strengthen their financial well-being.